A Little About "The Hut"

Taco Hut was opened in the summer of 1970 in Hutchinson. A franchise that has remained locally owned since. At Taco Hut we pride ourselves in making food that is fresh and local, unlike many other fast food restaurants. Cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients, we are able to provide a consistent flavor that our customers have come to love, without the use of preservatives. Some homemade favorites are our Beans, Salsa, Rice, Meat, and Sauce, just to name a few. We also have unique spices that provide a unique flavor, all our own. That isn't where it ends. We buy our produce locally to provide freshness the customer can taste. Stop by for a healthier fast food experiance.


Taco Hut Guy


We also offer a dining experience for anyone. Everybody from families, business lunches, to individual diners can find their place at Taco Hut. Come by and find out what Hutchinson has loved for over 40 years, and why the regulars have dropped the "Taco", and just gone to "The Hut."


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